Hey everyone my name is Sam Short and welcome to the blog.

If this is your first time here then I just want to say hi, introduce myself and talk about what this website is about.

So first of all hi!

Here’s some interesting facts for you;

  • Back in 1999 the founders of Google wanted to sell to Excite for less than a million dollars but Excite turned them down. In 2015 Google’s annual revenue was $74.5 BILLION. 😲 Way to go Excite.
  • Did you know that there was actually a third founder of Apple? Well years ago he sold his 10% stake in the company for a mere $800. If he had kept his stake he would now have $77 Billion in the bank. I feel like crying for him.
  • The average person does enough walking in their lifetime to circle the Earth twice.

My name is Sam Short and I love learning new stuff.

The main things that I’ll be talking about on this blog are;

Web design – I love cool graphics and awesome websites. I’m still learning about web design but it’s a lot of fun.

Exercise – I exercise for about 1-2 hours every day. It makes me feel better and it’s healthy too.

Eating healthy – Right now I am actually ketogenic. That means my body runs on fat so I follow a super low-carb diet. Only 5% of what I eat comes from carbs. I’ll definitely be talking more about the Keto diet soon.

Male enhancement – I’m not ashamed to admit that I am interested in male enhancement and looking better.

Music – I love all types of music apart from pop.

So those are some of the subjects of this blog that I’ll be writing about.

Sam Short