Hey everyone my name is Sam Short and welcome to the blog.

If this is your first time here then I just want to say hi, introduce myself and talk about what this website is about.

So first of all hi!

Here’s some interesting facts for you;

  • Back in 1999 the founders of Google wanted to sell to Excite for less than a million dollars but Excite turned them down. In 2015 Google’s annual revenue was $74.5 BILLION. 😲 Way to go Excite.
  • Did you know that there was actually a third founder of Apple? Well years ago he sold his 10% stake in the company for a mere $800. If he had kept his stake he would now have $77 Billion in the bank. I feel like crying for him.
  • The average person does enough walking in their lifetime to circle the Earth twice.

My name is Sam Short and I love learning new stuff.

The main things that I’ll be talking about on this blog are;

Web design – I love cool graphics and awesome websites. I’m still learning about web design but it’s a lot of fun.

Exercise – I exercise for about 1-2 hours every day. It makes me feel better and it’s healthy too.

Eating healthy – I try my best to eat healthy but I have a serious case of sweet-tooth-itus which can make eating healthy very difficult at times.

Male enhancement – I’m not ashamed to admit that I am interested in male enhancement and looking better. I’ve been using a supplement called VigRX Plus which is working well and a tool called the Male Edge device which I also quite like.

Music – I love all types of music apart from pop.

Gaming – I’m also an avid gamer.

So those are some of the subjects of this blog that I’ll be writing about.

If you want to make sure you catch all my latest posts then be sure to bookmark this page right now!

Sam Short