Before I started using the Male Edge device I was super embarrassed about the size of my .

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t have a micro but at 4.4 inches I didn’t have anything to brag about.

When I was with a girl I felt embarrassed to take my pants off even if I was drunk.

I could always see the look of disappointment on a girl’s face, I’d seen it so many times that I almost started to become a recluse and began avoiding  altogether.

I’d tried a bunch of stuff to increase the size of my  but nothing really worked.

  • I tried pumps but the effects wore off after a few hours and I just don’t think it’s safe to keep pumping up your .
  • I tried pills which did absolutely nothing and for a while I even considered surgery but I just couldn’t justify spending 10 grand to have a guy cut my dick open.

Plus I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about guys who went in for  surgery and came out crying because their  looked like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. 😱

So I was just about to give up on  when I saw an ad for the Male Edge extender.

I had never seen or used anything like it before so I decided that before I hang up the gloves I’d have one last try at getting a bigger .

I ended up buying the Male Edge ‘Extra’ version as it comes with a protection pad and that seemed like something that would be useful.

Within a few days it arrived and I was about to begin my journey..

The only problem was that I didn’t really know what to do with the thing!

Now don’t get me wrong the device is pretty simple.

But I didn’t know how long to wear it or when to wear it or anything like that so I ended up doing some Googling.

I ended up finding a guy online who had gained over 2 inches in 6 months with the Male Edge extender.

So I contacted him and he kindly gave me his routine!

Here it is..

Now I’m the type of guy that when I’ve got a routine to follow I’m all good, I need to be told what to do otherwise I get lazy.

So the very next day I got started with day one of the Male Edge routine.

The first thing I noticed about the Male Edge extender is that at the beginning I couldn’t really wear it for longer than 45 minutes or so otherwise my  would start to ache from all the stretching!

But that’s why the routine I shared above is so great because it starts off slow and gradually builds up until you’re wearing it for 12 hours at a time.

You need to start off a bit slow because just like bodybuilding you don’t go right to the heavyweights immediately, you build your way up.

Now one thing that worried me at first was whether someone would notice a big bulge in my pants while I was at work or somewhere!

I quickly learned that it would be really difficult for someone to detect that you’re wearing it because it points downwards and doesn’t stick out so it’s almost undetectable.

It’s actually really well made too. I clumsily dropped it a bunch of times without getting a scratch on it.

But does it really work? Here’s my Male Edge Results!

Well the Male Edge extender is a device that you need to wear for quite a while before you start seeing results, at least that’s what I found.

For the first month I barely noticed any size increase but I guess that’s to be expected because the routine I followed starts off slowly.

But if you follow the routine and don’t give up then you’ll start to notice that your s become much bigger and harder.

Then things seem to snowball from there because I’ve been using the Male Edge extender for about 6 months now and I went from 4.4 inches to just over 6.2 inches. 🙂

I only measure myself once a month and I have seen consistent growth every single month.

Here’s my before and after Male Edge results pictures..

As you can see a gain of just 2 inches makes a huge difference.

When you go from being below average to above average in just 6 months it’s almost hard to believe but the human body really is amazing and so is the Male Edge device.

Oh yeah and I have a little story to tell..

So there’s this girl who I went to college with years ago and we used to have  when we were drunk sometimes.

We bumped into each other at a local bar recently and to cut a long story short we ended up in bed.

Well the look on her face when she saw my  was priceless. She stared at it for a few seconds and then blurted out “were you always this big?”

Our  in the past was never that great but that night the  was pretty WILD and for the first time ever I know I satisfied a woman.

It’s amazing what an inch or 2 can do.

Anyway I think that little story pretty much sums up what the Male Edge device has done for me.

Apart from transforming my  life I no longer feel embarrassed when I’m with a woman.

I feel like a new man and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I also feel confident that if I continue using it then I will be able to get even bigger.

I’ve heard many women say that 8 inches is the perfect number but I’ve also heard some say 8 inches is too big.

Maybe I’ll shoot for 7..

Anyway if it’s your goal to get a bigger  then I recommend the Male Edge extender 💯% as long as you stick with it and have some patience you’ll see amazing results.

Don’t forget to follow the routine above because it works and get your Male Edge device here.

And please don’t be a stranger! If you have any questions or need any guidance then leave a comment below!

How do you use the Male Edge extender?

At first sight you may be wondering how the thing actually works so I found a video that explains it.

All you really need to do is put your  through the hole at the bottom and then connect it to the other end of the extender and when you’re strapped in the Male Edge stretches out and does it’s thing.

So it’s pretty easy to use which brings me onto..

The pros and cons of the Male Edge extender.

I racked my brains thinking about the pros and cons and here’s what I came up with..

The Cons Of The Male Edge

  • Commitment. You need to wear it everyday for at least a month before you’ll see a difference in the size of your  so you need to stay committed. It’s not just something you can wear now and again.
  • Time. Like I said above it will take time to see results so don’t expect to see changes overnight.
  • Uncomfortable at first. When you first get started with the Male Edge device you won’t be able to wear it for too long before it starts to feel uncomfortable so I recommend you start off slow and follow this schedule.
  • Pee Breaks. Every time you need to take a pee you’ll have to take it off and put it back on again. It’ll only take a minute but it’s a bit of a hassle.

The Pros Of The Male Edge

  • It’s Comfortable. After you get over the first couple of weeks you get used to it and you will find it’s pretty comfortable to wear which is good because you’ll be wearing it a lot.
  • Cheaper than surgery. Although I wouldn’t exactly call it cheap it’s definitely a lot cheaper than surgery.
  • It’s Safe To Use. I haven’t heard of a single  extender related injury but I’ve heard of a lot of horrific surgery stories.
  • Almost Undetectable. I’ve worn it everywhere and because it points downwards it would be almost impossible for someone to tell you’re wearing it just by looking at you.
  • Proven To Work. It worked for me and it’s worked for thousands of other people too. If you wear it consistently then it will increase both your length and girth.
  • Confidence Boost. Trust me when you’ve gained that first inch your confidence will go through the roof. It’s an amazing feeling and you will feel like a new man.

That’s all I could think of so if you can think of any more then feel free to let me know in the comments.

The Male Edge Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to see results: First of all don’t expect to see much in the way of results for the first month. My first month I took it slowly using the routine above and I didn’t really gain much. You should expect to start seeing results after about 4-8 weeks.
  • How much can I gain using the Male Edge extender? Well I gained almost 2 inches in 6 months so I would say that within a year you could definitely gain between 1 to 3 inches.
  • Is it dangerous? I’ve used the Male Edge device for long periods of time with a lot of tension and I’ve not had any problems so I would say it’s completely safe to use. My advice is if you feel pain or discomfort then either reduce the tension or take a break for a day.
  • Do I need to buy anything else? Nope, all I used was the Male Edge device.
  • Does the Male Edge device also increase girth? Yes it does. I don’t know the science behind why but it definitely does. I gained about 0.7 inches in girth.

Do you have any other questions I might be able to answer? If so then leave a comment below!

Is The Male Edge Extender Right For You?

Honestly, I think the Male Edge device is brilliant and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do however I only recommend you buy it if you’re willing to put in the time to wear it.

You wont get results if you just wear it now and again when you feel like it.

You need to wear it as much as possible and you’ll get even better results if you follow the routine I shared above.

If you follow my routine then within 6 months you can expect;

  • To gain between 1-3 inches in length.
  • More girth.
  • Harder .
  • And you’ll be able to last longer!

So if you’re willing to put in the time to wear it then I think you’ll be amazed at what it will do for you.

Just make sure you buy it from the real website at because there’s lots of fakes being sold online.

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