An Uncensored VigRX Plus Review & Results

I’ve been using Vigrx Plus from for well over 3 months now so I’m writing this review to share my results with you all!

(Reviews!) There are now lots of Vigrx Plus reviews posted below by real users for you to read!

My story begins on a dark and stormy night about 3 months ago.

My girlfriend laid asleep next to me and I found myself on the VigRX Plus website again deciding whether I should buy some or not.

I’d been thinking of buying VigRX Plus for a while but I’d wasted so much money on pills and potions that it just wasn’t funny anymore.

My s were weak and flimsy and it took forever to get it up.

Sometimes mid way through when changing positions my s would just die.

As you can expect this was starting to create a rift between my girl and me.

Something had to be done and I’d been hearing good things about VigRX Plus..

So as I sat there thinking about how I couldn’t satisfy my woman anymore and how our relationship might be coming to an end I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered myself a 4 month supply of VigRX Plus.

A couple days later it arrived in the mail.

Luckily it came in a discreet brown box as I didn’t want my girlfriend to know what I’d bought just yet.

I opened up the package and took my first pill right there and then.

You’re supposed to take 2 per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

I kept my fingers crossed and started taking them like clockwork every day.

My first 2 weeks taking Vigrx Plus = SCAM?

For the first couple of weeks I took 2 pills per day just like the instructions recommend and to be honest with you I didn’t notice any changes at all. 🙁

I honestly thought I’d wasted my money again.

I mean surely I should have felt something by now?

So I went back on the internet and read through some forums and found out that VigRX Plus isn’t like prescription medication that works instantly.

Apparently it takes a while for it to build up in your body before you start to notice changes.

So this gave me some hope and a bit of optimism to keep going.

It had only been 2 weeks so maybe I just needed to give it some more time..

After 4 Weeks of VigRX Plus = A HOLY CRAP Moment!

I can’t remember the exact day, all I can remember is that it was around 4 weeks after I started taking VigRX Plus when something strange happened..

I kid you not.. For the first time in years I woke up with the BIGGEST of my life!

And I wasn’t the only one to notice. When my girlfriend saw it all hell broke loose. 😈

That morning we had some of the best ever.

My was harder and it looked bigger than it had ever done before.

I can honestly say that I had the best of my life too.

But the best thing of all was that I was finally able to satisfy my girlfriend.

Afterwards I could tell that she was a bit confused at what had happened.

But I wasn’t ready to tell her I was using VigRX Plus just yet. It was still early days..

We both left for work that day with huge smiles on our faces. 🙂

My Vigrx Plus Results After 3 Months

So I’ve been taking VigRX Plus now for just over 3 months and the results I’ve had with it have been nothing short of amazing.

Sure the first 4 weeks were pretty dismal but when it started to kick in it was worth the wait.

Here’s what I’ve noticed after taking it for 3 months..

  • I get rock hard almost every day.
  • I find it easier to get when I need them.
  • I don’t lose halfway through anymore.
  • Because my are harder it feels like my is slightly bigger too.
  • Some mornings I wake up with . Not every morning but I’d say every few days.
  • I a lot more. Before taking VigRX Plus I used to maybe 3-5 squirts but now it seems to be between 7-10.
  • My last longer and are much more intense and they feel pretty amazing. In the past my could sometimes feel a bit dismal and a waste of time.
  • I feel a lot healthier and more energetic. These days I bounce out of bed in the mornings ready to start my day.

It feels pretty great writing this review because I’ve finally found something that works and I feel happy recommending it.

It has made me feel younger, it’s transformed my life and it’s also saved my relationship with my girlfriend so for that I am very thankful.

All I can say is..

If you’re finding it hard to get s or find that your s are just weak then buy yourself some VigRX Plus because this stuff works wonders.

Just remember that it doesn’t work overnight. You need to take it for a while to let the effects build up but when it starts to kick in.. Woah it’s amazing.

Anyway I know there’s a lot of fakes being sold online so make sure you buy from the official website HERE to make sure you get the real stuff.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or have used it yourself then post a comment below as I’ve love to hear what you have to say!

Vigrx Plus Reviews

Below are some of the Vigrx Plus reviews that have been posted in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

By the way the makers of this product conducted a poll and found that 98.5% of buyers said that they would buy again.

Wife is happy!

I’ve been taking 2 pills per day for the last 3 months and I’m amazed at what this stuff is doing.

I’ve been getting rock hard s again like I did when I was in my 20s and me and my wife went from having  once per week to almost every day.

She’s a lot happier now and so am I. I even have another 3 packs on the way, maybe I should have bought more in case they run out lol.

Nick P


I’ve heard some guys saying that it takes a while for this stuff to kick in but for me I felt it working the same day.

It was so strange, I just got an  after a couple of hours and it was bigger and harder than I’d had in years.
Me and my girlfriend of 8 years did it 3 times that night and she wondered what had come over me.

She still doesn’t know I’m taking this stuff but she knows somethings up!

Mr Z.

This stuff works!

For the last few years I’ve been suffering from e.d and never being able to get an  or keep it up was really getting me down. I’m in my 30s and I was depressed that I couldn’t satisfy my wife.

The doctors told me it may be due to low testosterone so they got me on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and I felt great on it but it did absolutely nothing for my e.d.

And then I found Vigrx Plus and saw the proof study and all these guys posting their positive reviews so I decided to give it a try.

The first 2 weeks of using it I didn’t feel much, although I did feel a bit more energetic.

But after about 4 weeks of using it I suddenly out of the blue just started getting full on s and me and my wife took full advantage of it.

And even better is that they didn’t go down half way through  anymore. To say that I made up for lost time is an understatement.

I did my wife like there was no tomorrow and we started doing it twice a day!

Now I’ve been a customer for over 6 months and it’s still working for me. Me and my wife now do it at least once a day and our relationship is 10 times better now that we’re intimate again.

Vigrx Plus has worked miracles for me and I think it has saved my relationship with my wife.

Guys, just buy this stuff because it works!


Best pills I’ve tried

OMG I feel like I’ve found out some kind of secret or something. I have been taking these pills for 2 months now and when I get an  (which is all the time) my s are almost an inch bigger and harder and more girthier.

I take 2 Vigrx Plus pills per day and it’s making my s so big that my girlfriend wont do  anymore lol.


Powerful stuff!

I take these as part of my enlargement routine. I jelq for 10 minutes per day and use an extender and take 2 of these pills per day.

I swear in the last 10 months I have gained almost 2 inches in length. Here’s my Vigrx Plus before and after pics.


These pills are more powerful than I ever expected, to be honest I was skeptical they would do anything but wow they are good.


Have ordered more

It used to be that I could only get a proper  every few days which annoyed the hell out of my gf and I could tell she was thinking of leaving me.

A friend recommended Vigrx Plus to me and I decided to give it a shot to save the relationship.

1 week in and I was shocked at how well it was working. I got an  and it was the biggest of my life.

Me and my girlfriend had long hard  and about 30 minutes after we were done I was ready to go again. What?! That’s never ever happened to me before.

Now we do it every day and it’s gotten to a point where I’m wanting to do it so much that she’s turning me down because she can’t handle it!

5 STARS from me!


Top product!

I noticed that since I began taking VigrxPlus I’ve just got so much more energy. I’m 46 years old and I feel 20 years younger.

It’s only been a week but I feel like my s are getting more frequent and harder too. Great stuff, especially for us older guys.


Does what it claims!

My doctor recommended I try this stuff because he knows I’m into natural medicine and all of the ingredients are plant based and healthy.

I bought 2 packs to start with and honestly I was slightly skeptical because I know there’s a lot of scam products in this market but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with VigRX Plus and so has my wife.

I’m on my second box by the way and before I got them I could barely get a full  and could only get it up every 2-3 days but now I’m getting it up every day!

And my s aren’t weak and flimsy anymore, they’re a lot harder and sometimes throbbing hard!

My wife says that I feel huge compared to before and she is definitely feeling more satisfied now.

So if you want my advice then give VigRX Plus a try for at least a couple of months.

It’s rare to find a natural supplement that actually does what it claims but this one does.


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Doctor Lamm Recommended

Here’s what Doctor Steven Lamm says about Vigrx Plus..

“The makers of Vigrx Plus have taken the most POWERFUL natural ingredients proven to enhance mens performance and through careful scientific research and process developed a formula that will undoubtedly produce incredible results when used as directed.” Quote by Dr Steven Lamm

What is it?

Vigrx Plus is a supplement containing natural ingredients for guys who want to transform or improve their  life.

It’s sold by Leading Edge Health who have been around since 2001 and have an A+ rating with the BBB.

You take 2 pills per day and one box will last you 30 days. They have a 98.5% reorder rate and most users find;

  • They can get s again when they couldn’t before.
  • I big increase in  drive and the ability to get more s.
  • Bigger s that are up to half an inch longer and thicker.
  • More intense s.
  • And an overall improvement in health and vitality.

Most users find that it takes a couple of weeks to feel the full benefits however some users have reported feel the effects from the very first day.

This is how it works..

There are no reported negative side effects.

According to the official website here’s a timeline of what you can expect to occur.

The more boxes you order the bigger the savings.

You can get an extra 10% off when you order a 12 month supply if you use the coupon code VPLUS10

The Vigrx Plus Clinical Study

To find out the true effectiveness of these pills an independent testing authority called Vedic Lifesciences conducted a triple blind study on 75 men aged between 25 and 50.

The test lasted 12 weeks or 84 days.

Half of the participants received a placebo and the other half received Vigrx Plus.

When the 12 weeks were up the results were in and they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Vigrx Plus pills were very effective.

  • 63% of users noticed an increase in their ability to maintain an  during .
  • 59% of the female partners of the male participants agreed that their partner was able to penetrate them better and give them more satisfaction during .
  • 23% noticed an increase in the amount of s they achieved while they were taking it.
  • There was a 72% increase in ual satisfaction.

What’s more, none of the users noticed any negative side effects and 90% of the participants who took the Vigrx Plus decided to continue taking it after the study was over!

You can read more about the study here.

How Does Vigrx Plus work and what’s actually in it?

Vigrx Plus worked so well for me that I decided to take a closer look at what’s actually in it to find out why it works.

So I’m going to continue this review by going through all the ingredients in Vigrx Plus and explain what they all do.

Korean Red Ginseng: People in Asia have been consuming the root of red ginseng for hundreds of years.

Not only is it proven to help with impotence and ED but it will also help you to lower stress, decrease the risk of diabetes and increase your energy levels.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf: This leaf contains a super potent antioxidant and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

The Ginkgo Biloba Leaf will help clear your mind and improve your memory.

Tribulus Terrestris: Anybody who has taken a testosterone booster will have heard of this ingredient.

It’s an ingredient that will increase your testosterone and libido. It’ll give you more energy and help you to feel younger.

Muira Puama Bark: It’s a natural aphrodisiac which is also known to help with joint pain as well.

I must say that my joints don’t ache as much as before. I used to get some real aches in my knees but I don’t anymore since taking VigRx Plus so..

Epimedium Leaf: So you’ve probably heard of this one before because it’s street name goes by “horny goat weed”.

The Chinese have been taking it for hundreds of years since they discovered that it helps cure and makes the people who take it feel horny.

Another positive side effect of the Epimedium Leaf is that it will help with premature ejaculation if that’s something you suffer from.

Maybe this is why you last long after taking Vigrx Plus.

Saw Palmetto Berry: This ingredient is actually very impressive. It helps reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone levels.

It also helps increase blood flow to the by expanding the chamber walls of the so more blood can flow into it.

Oh yeah and it’s a proven ingredient to help prevent prostate cancer.

Hawthorne Berry: Similar to the Saw Palmetto Berry the Hawthorne Berry expands the blood vessels inside the so that more blood can flow into it.

This means bigger and harder s.

Damiana Leaf: This leaf is usually found in Mexico and doctors found that when people started consuming this leaf they started having a lot more .

It was found to be a natural aphrodisiac and to help with s. People who were suffering from ED consumed this leaf and started getting s again.

Catuaba Bark Extract: The Brazilians are some of the most ual people on Earth. For hundreds of years many Brazilians have been consuming Catuaba Bark in their tea after it was discovered to help with ual performance.

Cuscuta Seed: These seeds have been proven to increase sperm count and increase ual desire.

Plus it’s also known to increase levels of oxytocin which is the “feel good” hormone so it helps improve your mood too.

Bioperine: The last ingredient is a vital part of Vigrx Plus and it’s called Bioperine. Basically it helps you to absorb all of the ingredients more efficiently.

You see whenever we take a vitamin or something it doesn’t all get absorbed by the body and some of it gets wasted and urinated out but Bioperine helps you to absorb all of the Vigrx Plus ingredients into your body so nothing gets wasted.

Conclusion: So those are the ingredients.

Many people around the world take these individual ingredients on their own and get great results but Vigrx Plus contains all of them in just one pill and that’s why it works so well.

It takes all the best natural ingredients from around the world that are proven to help with and help with ual performance and gives you them all in one easy to take pill.

The Good And The Bad Things About Vigrx Plus

Let’s start with the bad:

Results aren’t permanent. So the first problem with Vigrx Plus is that when you stop using it the awesome benefits that you get from it will go away.

So if you want the effects to last then you will need to commit to taking it long term.

Doesn’t work right away. Unfortunately it takes time before you will start to notice any positive changes so you may think that it isn’t working.

You should start to see changes within 3-6 weeks of taking it.

Now the good stuff:

The price. I was going to put this in the bad column to begin with because if you want to continue getting the benefits then you’re going to need to keep shelling out the cash but I decided to put it in the “good” column because it really isn’t that expensive and the benefits far outweigh the price that you’ll pay for Vigrx Plus.

For what it does I actually think it’s pretty cheap.

You’ll get harder . If you’re suffering from ED and find it hard to get an or maintain one then Vigrx Plus will help.

Amazing .

You’ll be able to keep it up for as long as you need until you .

More energy. Vigrx Plus will also boost your testosterone levels which will give you more energy and make you feel younger again.

It actually works! The best thing I can say about VigRX is that it actually works and I’m happy to recommend it.

The VigRX Plus FAQs

How long will it take to see results? For me it was around 4 weeks although I’ve heard of people seeing results sooner.

Will it give me a bigger ? It won’t increase the flaccid size but it will make your s significantly bigger so kind of yes.

Is Vigrx Plus dangerous? I’m gonna have to say no. All the ingredients are natural and I’ve had nothing but positive results.

I’ve also not heard of any negative side effects either so I would say that it’s very safe to take.

What will happen if I stop taking Vigrx Plus? Since I began taking it I haven’t actually stopped so I can’t say for sure but I expect that your body will just go back to the way it was before you started taking it.

You can read some more Vigrx Plus FAQs here or just ask in the comments section below.

The Guarantee

I thought it was pretty cool that Vigrx Plus comes with a 67 day money back guarantee.

If you use 2 containers for 60 days and you’re not satisfied with your results then you just send it back to them before the 67 day limit and they will refund your money.

From what I’ve heard, not many people ever take them up on their refund guarantee because they have a 98.5% reorder rate.


I just wanted to let you all know that you need to be careful where you order from as there are a lot of scammers selling fake Vigrx Plus on places like Amazon and eBay and other website.

These fakes look just like the real thing but they’re not.

Each box comes with an authenticity code on the front of the box.

To make sure that your product is legit you can enter you authenticity code on this page and it will tell you if yours is real or not.

The only way to make sure that you get the real thing is to buy from the official website at

Save When You Order 12 Month Supply

I just found out that you can get an extra 10% off when you order a 12 month supply if you use the coupon code VPLUS10

My 6 Month Vigrx Plus Update!

I just wanted to write this quick update to let you all know that I’ve been using this product for 6 months now and it still continues to amaze me every day.

If you’ve seen my 3 month update then you’ll know just what this stuff has done for me.

I plan on taking this stuff for as long as they continue to make it and I just love it.

I recommend you start off with 2 boxes to start with and take advantage of their 67 day money back guarantee.

When you see how powerful this stuff is and feel the changes you wont regret buying it.

P.S: Make sure you only purchase from the official website which is to make sure you get the real thing!

Is VigRX Plus Worth Buying?

I’m probably a bit biased here because VigRX Plus has worked so well for me.

If you’re willing to give it a chance then you’re going to see some amazing changes.

Since I’ve been taking it my life has done a complete 180.

Here’s some of the changes you can expect if you stick with it;

  • You’ll get more often. Even if you currently suffer from E.D.
  • You’ll be able to keep your up for the entire duration of .
  • Your will be bigger and harder.
  • You’ll more which will make for some amazing .
  • And you’ll feel healthier and more energetic overall.

I’ve wasted tons of money on supplements and VigRX Plus has been the only thing that has worked for me so yeah I absolutely recommend it.

Oh yeah and like I said above make sure you buy it from the legit website at because there’s a lot of fakes being sold online.

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I’m on my second pack of vigrx and I’m going to buy more. It’s definitely working and the wife is happy.


he he, that’s all that matters. A happy wife a happy life! 🙂


is this stuff safe to take long term? I hope so because I’m having some really good results with it and getting proper erections again.


I just wanted to stop by again and leave an update. I’ve been using vigrx plus for 6 months and haven’t noticed any negative side effects. Life is good!


That’s great to hear as mine are on the way. I’ll update soon with my review.


Mine arrived! Will start using soon. 🙂


I have a problem with erections. Will this help?


How many do you take a day and how long does a bottle last? Can you take half dose to make the bottle last longer or will that make it unaffective?


I forgot, I was going to come back and say that vigrx has been working really good.

I don’t want to stop using it!


What is the difference between the Vigrx and the Plus version? I saw some of the non plus version for sale cheaper on ebay, does it work?


I just got done with my first month. Like you I didn’t feel much in the beginning and thought it was another waste of money but now I’m feeling the changes!


I just wanted to leave a quick review to say that I bought based on your recommendation and so far so good. I felt it start working within a week.


Thanks for the review. I bought after reading yours and am really happy with the way vigrx is working.

You have to take it for a while but when it starts to work it’s powerful.

I get harder and can keep it up now for the full duration. It’s well worth trying.


How old are you Reg if you don’t mind me asking?

I am46 and am considering buying this.


Hi Zip I’m 44 so about the same age as you!


do you have to take this with a meal because i do intermittent fasting in the morning and don’t eat till the afternoon. thanks.


Do this pills make you grow larger? I would like to get bigger if possible!


Excellent review. I found Vigrx Plus to work really good. The erections I had while using it were better than I’ve ever had.

Unfortunately I stopped using it to try other stuff but so far nothing has worked as good as the Vigrx Plus so I will get some more soonish!


I started using it again a week ago and it has kicked in just like last time. I love the effects of this product.


I’m not sure if my comment went through. Anyway I started using it again last week and it’s working for me again. It’s a good product!


Vigrx Plus is working really good for me. I can definitely feel the changes and my sex drive has gone up a lot.


Hi there Tony, is it still working for you and can you still recommend it?


After reading through all the ingredients they all look very safe and healthy.

I feel good about this product so I’ll get some and post a review soon to let you all know if it works or not for me!


Is there a free trial for vigrx plus anywhere?


I got mine now and have used it for 2 days and I am really feeling it! I woke up this morning with a hard-on. I didn’t expect to feel anything this quick!


To be honest I’m just looking for the best product. I’m not too worried about price. Do you think Vigrx Plus is the best thing to try?

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